GEM Collection
(baby bowl, cup and cutlery
2012/Katoji Japan         
(children's table & chair
2011/Katoji Japan
BAL (children's table & chair)
2011/prototype by o-d-a for IFDA competition
Face/Off (pen rest)
2011/o-d-a product
new Sub-Stool bome high chair
Bome (baby bouncer)
2010/Katoji Japan
PAS Stool (steel+wood stool)
2010/o-d-a product
Sub-Stool (stool)
2010/o-d-a product
Bome (baby high chair)
2010/Katoji Japan
Slow Series (seating)
2009/o-d-a product
R2 (armchair)
2008/prototype by hokushokobo for IFDA competition
NRML (chair)
2007/prototype by promosedia
Big Bowl Small (fruit bowl)
2006/ one-off / small batch production
CD holder
2006/self production
Taste of tea (armchair)
2004/self production
Cling (table&chair)
2003/prototype by idée